Why Teachers’ Day on 5th September ?

When Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan became the President of India, some of his students and friends requested him to allow them to celebrate his birthday, on 5 September. He replied,

“Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if September 5th is observed as Teachers’ Day.”


His birthday has since been celebrated as Teachers’ Day in India



  1. Teacher’s day is not a holiday; it is one such occasion where the students make their teachers feel special. It is a very significant day in the history of India. This day is not only the birth anniversary of the second Indian President but also is the day for admiring the sincere efforts and contributions of the teachers for building the basic foundation of India.

  2. Teachers play important role in our life to become successful in career and business. A good teacher helps us to become good human being in the society and good citizen of the country. Teachers know that students are the future of any nation. … Teachers impart the data and information in the brain of students to analyze.
    Teachers are an extremely important facet of any society for a number of reasons and their role in society is both significant and valuable. Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children for the formative years of their development and the importance of teachers is something that cannot be understated.
    So, I think should be celebrating the Teachers’ day on 5th September.

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