About Us

Our Mission

The aim of the school is to provide best quality education in a disciplined environment which will prepare a self confident, honest and sincere student ready to face the competitive world. Tireless effort is given by all the teachers to nurture each student to bring out the best . It was the dream of our Founder Directress to provide a good and standard quality of education within the affordable means of the masses. Following her vision, education for us does not only mean the course followed through texts, but opening and broadening up of the mind and soul.

History of School

Modern Public School, Chandan Nagar was not built up in a day. It was conceived long back when our Founder Directress thought of carving a society where every child would have the means to enrich one’s self.

It took tiny steps in the form of Jack and Jill Montessori at Dhanbad, Jharkhand, in the year 1991. The school had run there for four years until it was shifted to Chandannagar, West Bengal in 1995.Our Founder Directress Ms. Basanti Basu ,Ms. Nupur Das along with Mr.Abhijeet Das were now more determined to fulfill their dreams

Their home converted into classrooms, a Montessori Section that had just five students on its rolls now prepared itself to dream big and bigger. Gradually, students increased, classes grew from Montessori, Standard I &II to Standard VIII. Chandannagar warmly embraced us and recognized our sincere hard work which soon made us a house hold name.Gradually with every passing day, new challenges were taken up, promises were fulfilled and more & more barriers were crossed. A school building was constructed at Bhakunda which is presently known as Jack and Jill Montesori. Years later another building was planned, its construction started in 2014 which was completed in 2017. The new school complex now houses Modern Public School. Both the schools are governed by S.N. Basu Memorial Educational Trust.

A lot of dreams, determination, hardwork, love, care, guidance blended with co-operation made us what we are today. We are special in our own way, as every child is special to us, we understand that every child is unique in his/her own way and has the potentiality to shine in an amazing manner. The teachers’ and staff of our school take special care of every child making them feel comfortable in their spaces, bestowing them with a homely atmosphere. We are known for our sincerity and hard work.

Our Founder Directress


BORN: 28.03.1928
DIED: 30.04.2011

A charismatic lady, who had spent most of her life in lighting the lives of the people around her. After graduating in Arts from university of Calcutta , she did her Diploma in Montessori, under the guidance of Mr. Joosten, a close associate of Madam Maria Montessori. She then joined as a teacher at the Tantia School Kolkata and worked there for several years. She worked hard and took various steps to upgrade the literacy rate in and around her vicinity.She was also an active participant in the freedom struggle for India’s independence from her young college days. She was a philanthropist by nature, a pioneer in the field of education, a social worker who encouraged literacy, especially adult literacy. Her dream was to provide a good and standard quality of education within the affordable means of the masses. Education,to her did not only mean the academic course followed through the texts, but it meant opening and broadening up of the mind and soul. To her it meant development of fellow feeling brotherhood ,honesty, hard labour, perseverance and faith in one’s self. She believed that, school was the second home where a child would regularize him /her gradually with the outer world through playing and learning. She opined that every child is not born to be a doctor, teacher, engineer, lawyer etc, but he/she may have some other potentialities which if cultured and guided from early childhood may help him/her to establish in the society. Cultural as well as social development of a child is equally important in building up a personality and hence it is her footsteps that we follow.

She believed that work is worship and that was what she urged all to follow. We, being the part of the family of Modern Public School, Chandannagar, herein, promise to make her dream come true.